“A lack of collection capacity in emerging market economies leads to a significant loss of potentially recyclable material each year and limits the scale of the market for recyclable plastics. Globally, about 2 billion people do not have access to basic waste collection services. This is a key driver of marine plastics pollution and deprives the recycled plastics industry of scale, and the cost efficiencies that potentially come with scale”. OECD

What is Circular Action Hub?

Circular Action Hub is a platform that connects local waste management projects and activities with companies and investors willing to support, accelerate and strengthen a more effective and socially-responsible circular economy.

What are our goals?

Connect Local and Global

Waste leakage and particularly plastic pollution is an alarming global problem, but the solutions should be delivered locally. We connect global corporate finance with ambitious and scalable local projects to support and accelerate circular waste management action.


Enable Innovative Environmental Finance

New mechanisms are emerging in response to the need for increased access to finance and financial services among actors in local waste management economies such as SMEs, cooperatives and other social enterprises. Circular Action Hub will enable better access to a variety of flexible financial solutions.


Collaborate to Innovate

Circular economy requires an effective collaboration of many actors such as formal and informal waste collection cooperatives and businesses, recycling companies, local authorities, packaging producers, consumer brands and investors. Circular Action Hub will facilitate partnerships and intersectoral cooperation. The platform will also host other relevant programmes and initiatives to generate a network effect.


Provide Information and Data

Circular Action Hub will offer a variety of useful tools for project developers to optimise their operations. The platform will provide more data about informal regional waste management activities as well as potential recyclable content supply hotspots. We will also strive to bring greater attention to local waste management challenges that could be tackled by providing the local actors with more solution-driven capital.

About BVRio

BVRio is a non-profit organisation founded in 2011 in conjunction with the business sector, public sector and the third sector, based on the view that market mechanisms are efficient instruments for the execution of environmental public policies and promotion of sustainable development. BVRio has offices in Oxford, Rio de Janeiro and Geneva.