How it works

The platform will help generate a network effect by connecting local projects that support circularity across different stages from collection, recovery and recycling of waste through redesign, reuse and upcycling of recovered material (plastic, glass, wood, metal, food, e-waste). Circular Action Hub will help drive new finance to those projects by facilitating investment opportunities and establishing a global marketplace for solid waste using market-based and blended finance mechanisms. The platform will also facilitate knowledge sharing, project acceleration, investment matchmaking and digital fundraising.

Circular Action Hub will make specific calls for projects. This may be to meet demands from investors and donors for specific types of projects, related to different initiatives, types of waste, geographic locations or acceleration programmes.

Why register?

Financial Support

Opportunity to be fairly remunerated for the provided environmental service (Circular  Credits)

3RI Plastic Credits

Easier access to financial instruments: 3R Plastic Credits, blended finance instruments and impact investments

Calls for Projects

Instant response to specific calls for projects: piloting schemes, funding, acceleration, partnerships, etc.


Opportunity for networking, knowledge sharing, feedback and advice